Ultra Lightweight
Industry leading pilot protection
Made for Comfort
Easy to Adjust
Excellent Stability
Uninterrupted Field of View
5 Helmet Sizes
Range of colours, options & accessories
Sold and Serviced in Canada


Aircrew Rotary and Fixed Wing Helmets

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Alpha Eagle Aircrew Helmets

An aircrew helmet designed specifically for use in commercial helicopter and fixed wing, non-ejection seat aircraft. The ALPHA Eagle Aircrew Helmet leads the way in the protection of commercial pilots throughout the world. With an ultra lightweight construction the ALPHA Eagle helmet achieves industry leading levels of impact and penetration protection without compromise on comfort and fit. Made from epoxy resin aramid and carbon fibre, this popular helmet achieves the ultimate combination of low weight & high protection for commercial helicopter and fixed wing pilots.


The ALPHA Eagle Aircrew Helmet is in use by numerous commercial helicopter operators throughout the world.

With design based on decades of experience and using the latest ALPHA pilot helmet technology, our aircrew helmets are true industry leaders.

By focusing our research and design efforts specifically on the commercial pilot helmet market, we were able to develop a pilot helmet that is perfectly suited to the needs of commercial pilots.

With a strong, lightweight construction, the helmet is easy to adjust for unbeatable comfort and fit. Simple rapid adjustment of the ear capsules and nape pad, along with an internal padded head lining system, and with 5 helmet sizes, the ALPHA Eagle helmet is suited to a wide range of head shapes and sizes without compromise on balance or helmet retention.


The ALPHA Eagle Aircrew Helmet is also found in use in a number of high performance aircraft, including helicopter and fixed wing aircraft display teams.

The ALPHA Eagle helmet is highly adaptable to the pilots precise requirements.

With the option of single or dual (clear and tinted) visors and a choice of boom microphones, jack plugs and visor covers the aircraft helmet provides pilots with the precise specification they need for their aircraft. Available in a variety of colours & finishes and with a number of optional factory built and aftermarket accessories, including our very own ALPHA Active Noise Reduction system, the aircraft helmet truly leads the market in affordable, comfortable, adaptable pilot helmets without compromise on weight or performance.

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